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Deploying Umbraco 9 to Azure App Service for Linux

- Umbraco
Learn how to create the Azure infrastructure using the Azure CLI to host an Umbraco 9 website using Azure SQL and Azure App Service for Linux, and how to deploy your Umbraco 9 site.
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Better Authentication with Twilio API Keys

- .NET
API Keys are now the preferred way to authenticate with Twilio's API. You can create as many API Keys as you need and remove them if they are compromised or no longer used.
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Download the right ChromeDriver version & keep it up to date on Windows/Linux/macOS using PowerShell

- PowerShell
Chrome frequently updates automatically causing ChromeDriver versions to mismatch. Using PowerShell you can download the correct version of the ChromeDriver and keep it up-to-date.
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Run Custom Availability Tests using PowerShell and Azure Application Insights, even on-premises

- Azure
The built-in availability tests in Azure Application Insights are great but very basic. You can create your own custom availability test. Learn how to create a custom availability test using PowerShell and Application Insight's .NET SDK.
Screenshot of HTTP Request in PowerShell

Video: Copy HTTP Requests from Chrome/Edge DevTools to PowerShell/cURL/Fetch

- Web
You can copy the recorded HTTP requests the from Chrome and Edge DevTools to PowerShell/cURL/Fetch. This allows you to quickly replay HTTP requests from the console/command line saving saving you time!