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Here's a PowerShell function that you can use to validate that all pages in your sitemap return a HTTP Status code 200.
You can also use it to warm up your website, or ensure your website caching is warm after a cold boot.

Function CrawlSitemap
        [string] $SiteMapUrl

    $SiteMapXml = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $SiteMapUrl -UseBasicParsing -TimeoutSec 180;
    $Urls = ([xml]$SiteMapXml).urlset.ChildNodes
    ForEach ($Url in $Urls){
        $Loc = $Url.loc;
            $result = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $Loc -UseBasicParsing -TimeoutSec 180;
            Write-Host $result.StatusCode - $Loc;
        }catch [System.Net.WebException] {
            Write-Warning (([int]$_.Exception.Response.StatusCode).ToString() + " - " + $Loc);

You can use the script as follows:

CrawlSitemap -SiteMapUrl 'https://www.swimburger.net/sitemap.xml';

I personally use it as part of my Continuous Delivery pipeline to warm up my site and Cloudflare's cache.
Hope it's useful!

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