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Download the right ChromeDriver version & keep it up to date on Windows/Linux/macOS using C# .NET

- .NET
Chrome frequently updates automatically causing ChromeDriver versions to mismatch. Using C# .NET you can download the correct version of the ChromeDriver and keep it up-to-date.
Heroku and Blazor logo

How to deploy Blazor WebAssembly to Heroku

- .NET
Heroku doesn't officially offer a static hosting service but does have an experimental 'buildpack' which gives you static hosting capabilities you can use to deploy and host Blazor WebAssembly.
Blazor logo pointing to the GitHub logo pointing to the AWS Amplify logo.

How to deploy Blazor WebAssembly to AWS Amplify

- .NET
Blazor WebAssembly can be served as static files. These files can be hosted in static hosting services such as AWS Amplify.