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Using ConfigurationProviders from Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration on .NET Framework

- DotNet
.NET Core introduced new API's. Some of those libraries are built to support multiple .NET platforms including .NET Framework. So, if you're still using .NET Framework, you could also take advantage of these new libraries.
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Introducing Umbraco's KeepAlive Ping configuration

- Umbraco
Umbraco 8.6 introduces the new keepAlive configuration inside of `umbracoSettings.config` which allows you to change "keepAlivePingUrl" and "disableKeepAliveTask"
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Capturing ASP.NET Framework RawUrl with Azure Application Insights

- Azure
By default, Application Insights will capture a lot of data about your ASP.NET applications including HTTP Requests made to your website. Unfortunately, the URL captured by Application Insights doesn't always match the URL originally requested by the client.