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Get Your Head Together With Blazor’s New HeadContent and PageTitle

- .NET
Let’s take a look at the three Blazor components .NET 6 is introducing to help you manage the head of your document—PageTitle, HeadContent, and HeadOutlet.
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Collaborating on Power Apps Using Personal Environments, Power Platform CLI, Git, and Azure DevOps

- Dynamics
It can be hard to collaborate on Power Apps with other developers. Sometimes you can overwrite each other's work or break things; however, each developer can safely make their changes by using personal environments instead of a shared development environment. They can then merge their work together into the shared environment. A developer can track changes to solutions using git and move solutions between environments using the Power Platform CLI and SolutionPackager tool.
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Delaying JavaScript Execution Until HTML Elements are Present in Power Apps and Dynamics CRM

- Dynamics
Learn how to customize forms using JavaScript in Model-Driven Power Apps forms and Dynamics CRM forms.
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How to Create Dataverse Activities using Power Automate

- Dynamics
In this Power Platform tutorial, you will set up an HTTP webhook using the "When an HTTP request is received" action. With the HTTP request JSON, you will calculate the duration between two timestamps and fetch a contact and user by finding matching phone numbers. Then, you will create a phone call and update the status of the phone call.
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How to deploy Power Apps Portals using Azure Pipelines

- Dynamics
Learn how to automatically deploy Power Apps portals using the Microsoft Power Platform CLI and Azure DevOps.