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Interacting with JavaScript Objects using the new IJSObjectReference in Blazor

- .NET
A new type is introduced in .NET 5 called IJSObjectReference. This type holds a reference to a JavaScript object and can be used to invoke functions available on that JavaScript object.
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Harden Anti-Forgery Tokens with IAntiforgeryAdditionalDataProvider in ASP.NET Core

- .NET
Using IAntiforgeryAdditionalDataProvider you can harden ASP.NET Core's anti-forgery token feature by adding additional data and validating the additional data.
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Don't forget to provide image alt meta data for open graph and twitter cards social sharing

- Web
Due to the lack of support historically and it not being prominent in many samples, the important alternative text meta tag is often forgotten. To add support for the alt-meta tag use og:image:alt and twitter:image:alt.
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Rethrowing your exceptions wrong in .NET could erase your stacktrace

- .NET
You may be erasing your stacktrace if you are catching and rethrowing exceptions the wrong way. This could make debugging a nightmare because you don't know where the exception was originally thrown.
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Making Phone Calls from Blazor WebAssembly with Twilio Voice

- .NET
Using Twilio Voice you can add the ability to make and receive phone calls from your own ASP.NET web applications. Twilio’s helper library for JavaScript makes it easy to integrate client functionality into web front ends built with Blazor WebAssembly, and the Twilio NuGet packages provide you with convenient interfaces to Twilio’s APIs for server-side tasks.