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Querying 404's using Kusto and Log Analytics in Azure Application Insights

- Azure
Using the built-in Log Analytics workspace in Azure Application Insights, you can query all the URL's causing 404 HTTP Status responses.
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Configure CORS using AppSettings or Custom Configuration Sections in ASP.NET Web API

- .NET
Microsoft's CORS library works, but the attributes force you to hardcode the CORS headers. By creating custom CORS attributes, you can read the CORS configuration from AppSettings or a custom config section.
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Configure ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol through AppSettings

- .NET
Usually .NET automatically finds a security protocol in common, but sometimes you have to update ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol explicitly.
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Real-time applications with Blazor Server and Firestore

- DotNet
Blazor Server is built on SignalR, which is built on websockets. Among things, websockets enable Blazor Server to push changes from the server to the browser at any time. You can build real-time UI's when you combine this with a real-time database.
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Pushing UI changes from Blazor Server to browser on server raised events

- .NET
Blazor Server is built on SignalR, and SignalR is built on websockets among other techniques. The combination of these technologies allow Blazor Server to push UI changes into the client without the client requesting those changes.