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Azure has a new logo, download the SVG, PNG, or JPEG here (high-res/transparent/white background)

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Here's the new logo as SVG (scalable), PNG (transparent background), and JPEG at the high resolution of 3000x3000 pixels. (I copied to SVG code from the Azure Portal, modified, and exported it to PNG/JPEG)
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Run Custom Availability Tests using PowerShell and Azure Application Insights, even on-premises

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The built-in availability tests in Azure Application Insights are great but very basic. You can create your own custom availability test. Learn how to create a custom availability test using PowerShell and Application Insight's .NET SDK.
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Querying top requested URL's using Kusto and Log Analytics in Azure Application Insights

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One query many webmasters and content editors are interested in is which URL's are most popular. Azure Application Insights can answer this question with data coming from back-end telemetry and can include request telemetry of static files as well.
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Querying 404's using Kusto and Log Analytics in Azure Application Insights

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Using the built-in Log Analytics workspace in Azure Application Insights, you can query all the URL's causing 404 HTTP Status responses.
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Introducing Umbraco's KeepAlive Ping configuration

- Umbraco
Umbraco 8.6 introduces the new keepAlive configuration inside of `umbracoSettings.config` which allows you to change "keepAlivePingUrl" and "disableKeepAliveTask"