Introducing NCrontab Tester (Blazor WebAssembly)

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Screenshot of NCrontab Expression Tester tool

Web Assembly (WASM) has allowed many different programming platforms to now be supported inside of the web browser. With Blazor WebAssembly, we can now develop C# .NET applications that run inside of the browser sandbox.

This also means that many .NET libraries can be used within the same context, such as NCrontab. This library provides crontab parsing, crontab formatting and the DateTime calculation of occurrences based on a crontab expression. As opposed to the five-part format for classic CRON expressions, NCrontab support a six-part format that allows for seconds to be configured as well. The six-part NCrontab syntax is mandatory for Azure services such as Timer Triggered Azure Functions and scheduled Azure WebJobs.

There are many CRON Expression tools on the web. I chose to create another CRON Expression tool because of these reasons:

  • NCrontabs syntax is slightly different than classic CRON expressions when using the six-part format required for Azure.
  • NCrontab is a popular library for .NET CRON parsing. It's used by Azure services and Hangfire.
  • It seemed like a fun exercise to get familiar with the new Blazor WebAssembly framework

To make this little exercise even more interesting for myself, I am using the new Azure Static Web Apps (in preview) service to host the Blazor WebAssembly application as a static web application.

Follow this link to give the tool a try:

NCrontab Expression Tester

Follow this link to check out the source code:

GitHub Repository

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