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Guest on .NET Docs Show: Making Phone Calls 📞 from Blazor WebAssembly with Twilio Voice

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Earlier this week, the folks at the .NET Docs Show invited me over to talk about Twilio, .NET, and Blazor WebAssembly. We discussed different architectures, workflow diagrams, Twilio capabilities, and how to integrate them using ASP.NET WebAPI's and Blazor WebAssembly.
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How to bypass Captchas in Selenium UI tests

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Captchas are often used as a way to combat spam on website forms. Unfortunately, this also makes it harder to verify the functionality of the forms using UI tests like Selenium. To work around this you can extend your website with a bypass form.
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Capture emails during development using smtp4dev and UI Test with Selenium

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You can use smtp4dev during development to prevent emails from going out to real customers. This tool also supports IMAP which you can use to query emails for automated testing.
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Create ZIP files on HTTP request without intermediate files using ASP.NET MVC Framework

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The ZipArchive wraps any stream to read, create, and update ZIP archives. You can send the result to the client using ASP.NET MVC Framework.
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How to deploy Blazor WebAssembly to DigitalOcean App Platform

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Blazor WebAssembly can be served as static files. These files can be hosted in static hosting services such as DigitalOcean App Platform.