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Integrate IndexNow with Umbraco CMS to submit content to search engines

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Umbraco is very extensible for ASP.NET developers. Learn how to integrate IndexNow into the Umbraco backoffice, so you can easily submit Umbraco content URLs to search engines that they will (re)crawl.
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An introduction to IndexNow and why you should care

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IndexNow is still relatively new but is getting a lot of interest in the search engine community. Hopefully, you can soon submit your content once to IndexNow, and stop manually submitting those URLs to every search engine console manually. And instead of search engines having to crawl the web over and over to look for new content, the content can be delivered directly from the source, reducing the environmental impact of crawlers.
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Get Your Head Together With Blazor’s New HeadContent and PageTitle

- .NET
Let’s take a look at the three Blazor components .NET 6 is introducing to help you manage the head of your document—PageTitle, HeadContent, and HeadOutlet.
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Pre-render Blazor WebAssembly at build time to optimize for search engines

- .NET
Using pre-rendering tools like react-snap, you can pre-render Blazor WASM. Additionally, you can integrate these pre-rendering tools inside of your continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines.
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Don't forget to provide image alt meta data for open graph and twitter cards social sharing

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Due to the lack of support historically and it not being prominent in many samples, the important alternative text meta tag is often forgotten. To add support for the alt-meta tag use og:image:alt and twitter:image:alt.
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Crawling through Umbraco with Robots

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The robots.txt file’s main purpose is to tell robots (Google Bot, Bing Bot, etc.) what to index for their search engine, and also what not to. Usually you want most of your website crawled by Google, such as blog posts, product pages, etc., but most websites will have some pages/sections that shouldn’t be indexed or listed in search engines.
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Crawling through Umbraco with Sitemaps

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Websites come in all shapes and sizes. Some are fast, some are beautiful, and some are a complete mess. Whether it's a high-quality site is irrelevant if people can’t find it, but search engines are here to help. Though the competition to get on first page is tough, this series will dive into some common practices to make your website crawlable.
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Updated Ajax + SEO Guidelines

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When you build an Ajax based website and want to be SEO friendly, there are a couple of techniques you have to apply. Back in 2009, Google made a proposal on how to make your Ajax pages crawlable.