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How to prevent Email HTML injection in C# and .NET

How to prevent email HTML injection in C# and .NET

- .NET
Learn how bad actors can inject HTML into your emails in your C# .NET applications and how to mitigate it.
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Don't let your users get pwned via email HTML injection

- Web
Learn how to prevent HTML injection into your emails and protect your users from bad actors!
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How to send ASP.NET Core Identity emails with Twilio SendGrid

- .NET
Learn how to use SendGrid to send account verification and password recovery emails in ASP.NET Core
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How to send Email in C# .NET using SMTP and SendGrid

- .NET
You can use the SendGrid APIs to send emails, but you can also use SMTP with SendGrid. Learn how to send emails using SMTP, SendGrid C# .NET
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Send Emails using C# .NET with Azure Functions and SendGrid Bindings

- .NET
Learn how to send emails from Azure Functions using C# .NET and the SendGrid Bindings
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How to send recurring emails in C# .NET using SendGrid and Quartz.NET

- .NET
Learn how to send recurring emails with C# .NET using Quartz.NET and SendGrid's APIs
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Capture emails during development using smtp4dev and UI Test with Selenium

- .NET
You can use smtp4dev during development to prevent emails from going out to real customers. This tool also supports IMAP which you can use to query emails for automated testing.