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Create ZIP files on HTTP request without intermediate files using ASP.NET MVC Framework

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The ZipArchive wraps any stream to read, create, and update ZIP archives. You can send the result to the client using ASP.NET MVC Framework.
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Don't use HttpContext.Current, especially when using async

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Avoid using HttpContext.Current if possible, especially in asynchronous code. Use the properties provided on the Page or Controller instead and pass them on to the asynchronous code.
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Configure CORS using AppSettings or Custom Configuration Sections in ASP.NET Web API

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Microsoft's CORS library works, but the attributes force you to hardcode the CORS headers. By creating custom CORS attributes, you can read the CORS configuration from AppSettings or a custom config section.
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Configure ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol through AppSettings

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Usually .NET automatically finds a security protocol in common, but sometimes you have to update ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol explicitly.
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Changing Serilog Minimum level without application restart on .NET Framework and Core

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There are many ways to configure Serilog. The configuration library has the additional advantage that it supports dynamic reloading of the MinimumLevel and LevelSwitches.