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The .NET Brand, illustrations, and wallpapers are the result of some amazing designers at Microsoft. I just put together the resources into a simple theme, the authors/designers deserve all the praise for this!

Today's day and age, it seems software can't be released without a cute mascot and slick logo. Official branding and brand consistency was something that .NET historically struggled with. I often struggle finding official logos, resources, and brand guidance for .NET and really many of Microsoft's technologies.

Naturally, I was very excited when I discovered this new official .NET Brand repository containing a detailed Brand guidelines PDF, logo's, illustrations, and wallpapers. Using these beautiful wallpapers and the primary .NET Brand color, I put together a .NET Windows Theme. Feel free to download and share this theme:


Here's a preview of what the theme looks like:

.NET Bot controlling a drone on a different planet

.NET Bot surfing

.NET Bot flying a jetpack

Go check out the .NET Brand GitHub repository.

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