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How to deploy Blazor WebAssembly to Netlify

- .NET
Now that you can run .NET web applications without server-side code, you can deploy these applications to various static site hosts, such as Netlify.
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Use YARP to host client and API server on a single origin to avoid CORS

- .NET
Using Microsoft's new reverse proxy "YARP", you configured the proxy to forward requests to '/api' to the Web API, and all other requests to the Blazor WASM client.
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Introducing Online GZIP de/compressor, built with Blazor WebAssembly

- .NET
Using Blazor WASM and the GZIP API's I created this little web application which you can use to compress and decompress multiple files using GZIP.
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Pre-render Blazor WebAssembly at build time to optimize for search engines

- .NET
Using pre-rendering tools like react-snap, you can pre-render Blazor WASM. Additionally, you can integrate these pre-rendering tools inside of your continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines.
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Fix Blazor WebAssembly PWA integrity checks

- .NET
The service-worker-assets.js file is generated during publish and any modification made to the listed files after publish will cause the integrity check to fail.
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How to deploy Blazor WebAssembly to Firebase Hosting

- .NET
With ASP.NET Blazor WebAssembly you can create .NET applications that run completely inside of the browser. The output of a Blazor WASM project are all static files. You can deploy these applications to various static site hosts like Firebase Hosting.
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Interacting with JavaScript Objects using the new IJSObjectReference in Blazor

- .NET
A new type is introduced in .NET 5 called IJSObjectReference. This type holds a reference to a JavaScript object and can be used to invoke functions available on that JavaScript object.
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Harden Anti-Forgery Tokens with IAntiforgeryAdditionalDataProvider in ASP.NET Core

- .NET
Using IAntiforgeryAdditionalDataProvider you can harden ASP.NET Core's anti-forgery token feature by adding additional data and validating the additional data.
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Making Phone Calls from Blazor WebAssembly with Twilio Voice

- .NET
Using Twilio Voice you can add the ability to make and receive phone calls from your own ASP.NET web applications. Twilio’s helper library for JavaScript makes it easy to integrate client functionality into web front ends built with Blazor WebAssembly, and the Twilio NuGet packages provide you with convenient interfaces to Twilio’s APIs for server-side tasks.
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Communicating between .NET and JavaScript in Blazor with in-browser samples

- .NET
The success of Blazor relies heavily upon how well it can integrate with the existing rich JavaScript ecosystem. The way Blazor allows you to integrate, is by enabling you to call JavaScript functions from Blazor and .NET functions from JavaScript also referred to as 'JavaScript interoperability'.
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Real-time applications with Blazor Server and Firestore

- DotNet
Blazor Server is built on SignalR, which is built on websockets. Among things, websockets enable Blazor Server to push changes from the server to the browser at any time. You can build real-time UI's when you combine this with a real-time database.
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Pushing UI changes from Blazor Server to browser on server raised events

- .NET
Blazor Server is built on SignalR, and SignalR is built on websockets among other techniques. The combination of these technologies allow Blazor Server to push UI changes into the client without the client requesting those changes.
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How to run code after Blazor component has rendered

- .NET
Blazor components render their template whenever state has changed and sometimes you need to invoke some code after rendering has completed. This blog post will show you how to run code after your Blazor component has rendered, on every render or as needed.
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How to run ASP.NET Core Web Application as a service on Linux without reverse proxy, no NGINX or Apache

- .NET
This article walks us through running a ASP.NET Core web application on Linux (RHEL) using systemd. The end goal is to serve ASP.NET Core directly via the built-in Kestrel webserver over port 80/443.