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Introducing .NET Developer Niels Swimberghe

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Meet Niels Swimberghe, the newest member of the Developer Voices team at Twilio. Niels is a .NET developer and will be producing technical content for the .NET community.
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Handle No-Answer Scenarios with Voicemail and Callback

- .NET
With Twilio Programmable Voice you can ask customers to leave a message and their phone number if there's nobody available to take the call so you can give them a callback later
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Proxy your phone number with Twilio Programmable Voice and Twilio Functions

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You'll learn how to turn a Twilio phone number into a proxy phone number using Twilio Functions as webhooks for your Twilio phone number.
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Guest on .NET Docs Show: Making Phone Calls 📞 from Blazor WebAssembly with Twilio Voice

- .NET
Earlier this week, the folks at the .NET Docs Show invited me over to talk about Twilio, .NET, and Blazor WebAssembly. We discussed different architectures, workflow diagrams, Twilio capabilities, and how to integrate them using ASP.NET WebAPI's and Blazor WebAssembly.
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Better Authentication with Twilio API Keys

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API Keys are now the preferred way to authenticate with Twilio's API. You can create as many API Keys as you need and remove them if they are compromised or no longer used.
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Making Phone Calls from Blazor WebAssembly with Twilio Voice

- .NET
Using Twilio Voice you can add the ability to make and receive phone calls from your own ASP.NET web applications. Twilio’s helper library for JavaScript makes it easy to integrate client functionality into web front ends built with Blazor WebAssembly, and the Twilio NuGet packages provide you with convenient interfaces to Twilio’s APIs for server-side tasks.