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Introducing Online GZIP de/compressor, built with Blazor WebAssembly

- .NET
Using Blazor WASM and the GZIP API's I created this little web application which you can use to compress and decompress multiple files using GZIP.
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Fix Blazor WebAssembly PWA integrity checks

- .NET
The service-worker-assets.js file is generated during publish and any modification made to the listed files after publish will cause the integrity check to fail.
How to deploy ASP.NET Blazor WebAssembly to Azure Static Web Apps. Blazor logo pointing to a GitHub logo pointing to an Azure logo.

How to deploy Blazor WASM & Azure Functions to Azure Static Web Apps using GitHub

- .NET
With ASP.NET Blazor WebAssembly you can create .NET applications that run inside of the browser . The output of a Blazor WASM project are all static files. You can deploy these applications to static site hosts, such as Azure Static Web Apps and GitHub Pages.